New U-Control Circuit Board For Cruisair and Marine Air Systems

Jul 30, 2015

New "U" version hardware has been released to replace the circuit boards on the Cruisair Q-Logic and Marine Air Passport 1/0 controls for Turbo self-contained systems, Emerald split systems, and the tempered water/chilled water product lines.


Changes For Cruisair

  • The new U board began shipping from the factory during the second half of June 2015 starting with serial number 525xxxxx for Turbos and 526xxxxx for Emeralds. The rest of the Q and SMXII families will follow later this
  • Dometic has inventory of Q boards to cover end of life. At this time it is recommended to replace existing Q boards with a Q board. At a future time when Q boards are no longer available for replacement, the electrical box and harness will also need to be changed and Dometic will release retrofit electric box kits to replace Q
  • NOTE: Wire colors have changed!
  • The U board is compatible with these Cruisair displays:
  • Q Logic - Qht, 03
  • The new U board is not compatible with the existing CAN Bus adapter (4250042) used in the following kits:
    • 763100027
    • 763100061
  • U board with the CAN Bus daughter board will be available later this summer.

Changes For Marine Air

  • The new U board began shipping from the factory in early July 2015 starting with serial number 528xxxxx for Turbos, Emeralds, and chilled water systems.
  • The U board is a mechanical drop-in replacement (same footprint), however the wiring and terminal-block layout do change. Order part number 223100502, which consists of the replacement U board for DX systems, generic wiring diagram, and terminal strip label. The U board is compatible with these Marine Air displays and firmware versions:
    • Elite - Firmware releases A 13 and later.
    • Passport VO - Firmware releases A 12 and later.

How To  Identify Systems With The U  Board

An easy identifier for the new board is in the  unit model description:  The letter "U" after the BTU number means the  unit contains the new control  board.   For example:  STQ16U = 16,000 BTUs with  new U control board.

New Terminal  Locations

The terminals and their locations vary from the previous boards. In addition to referencing the attached generic wiring diagrams, you can refer to the following picture which shows the new layout, electrical connections, and terminals. Or, refer to the specific electrical diagram inside the electrical box of the unit. 


Terminal  Locations On U-Control  Board 

Tempered Water/Chilled Water Air Handler Wiring Diagram For U-Control Board

Direct  Expansion Wiring  Diagram  For  U-Control Board